Mule Reviews:


Woods as a writer has a good nose for picking issues that work on stage, while as director she has the ability to bring out the best in her actors”


Captivating drama and very slick two-hander with the two actors slipping seamlessly into different roles”

               ★★★★ LONDONTHEATRE1

A seriously great production from start to finishtruly harrowing tale of the times we live in”

                 ★★★★ ESSENTIAL SURREY

                     An intriguing and cleverly executed two hander”


The fickle nature of social media is intelligently examined, with its initial role as a force for goodbeing quickly turned on its head. At its heart, this is a play about perceptions, which might just encourage you to think a little more before passing judgment.”


”A fizzing, highly-provocative piece that captures the pair in all their human complexity”

★★★★ NOUSE:

“Compelling show… Mule speaks to the humanity…often left behind by the headlines”

                 ★★★★ ONE 4 REVIEW:



                “Woods…just let’s the audience observe and think”


“Incredibly versatile two hander…brilliant and award winning Kat Woods holds true to her reputation


Wasted Reviews:

★★★★ The Stage

 “Woods as director brings an inventive palette…this exploration… dark side touches ordinary lives proves to be a gripping moral tale for our times”

★★★★British Theatre Guide 

 “Earthshattering wake-up call”

★★★★ Three Weeks

 “This is important drama, adroitly drawn by its talented cast”

★★★★ Mumble 

 “Kat Woods the director has done a superb job…take time to see this show” http://mumblet /wasted 

 ★★★★★ Kettle Mag 

“The show really opened my eyes”


“Thought-provoking, challenging, and disturbing – just what theatre should be”

Belfast Boy Reviews:

★★★★★ Fringe Review

 “The script represents a marvelous achievement in narrative flow and authenticity…I think some new ground has been broken here. Many solo shows which deal with autobiographical material concerning abuse tinker too much with the truth of it…I came away deeply moved by this production. I needed time to “process” it and let go of it before sleep. I woke up with it still there, like shadows and a few warmer echoes. This is a very special piece of theatre in an intimate setting. It has to be one of the must see solo shows at the Fringe.”

★★★★★ The Stage

 “Director/writer Kat Woods has created the launch pad and tight dynamics for Perring’s remarkable physicality, fuelled by the cadences of the dialogue, to create a sustained, emotional rollercoaster that keeps you guessing right up to the end as to where it’ll go next.”                                                                                          

★★★★★ Broadway Baby 

 “Written/Directed by Kat Woods…Belfast Boy is a sublimely simple, engrossingly raw portrayal of life.”

★★★★★Three Weeks 

The feeling that hangs in the room is testament to Kat Woods incredible writing of this startling, emotionally charged solo show. Although at times difficult to watch… timed moments of humour provide laughter, which somehow combats the very real tears of a truly captivated audience.”                                                              

 ★★★★★ Scotsgay 

“Vivacity and lightness of touch of Kat Woods script”              

★★★★★ The Skinny 

 “Kat Woods has managed to weave such incidents into a poignant play that grips the audience with every new breath of dialogue that is beautifully executed”                   

★★★★★ Edinburgh Guide

“Intense moving and absolutely unmissable”

★★★★ Edinburgh Spotlight 

“Kat Woods’ sparse set and carefully crafted direction allows …the freedom to draw the audience into his world as the true-life story of Hall…physically engaging and emotionally compelling…It is to Woods’s credit therefore that her writing depicts a character who is not quite off-the-rails but yet not quite clean-cut: this piece shows a complex human being in all his glory.”–-purple-penguin-productions-belfast-boy/